Courses BLS & ACLS

BLS (Basic Life Support) AND ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)

    In the most basic terms, the objective of both ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) and BLS (Basic Life Support) are the same – learning the proper techniques to aid in saving the life of someone in cardiac arrest. That, however, is where the similarities cease. BLS and ACLS reach their objective goal in two very different ways.

    While BLS is often required for medical professionals, BLS / CPR courses are commonly completed by teachers, coaches, lifeguards, babysitters, and more.

    Conversely, ACLS is designed specifically for healthcare professionals

    Now a days BLS and ACLS are the mandatory additional qualifications required for most of the European and Middle East countries.BLS (Basic life Support), ACLS (Advanced Cardiac life Support), are conducting as a 3 days camp course with exam.

    It is accredited by American Heart Association. After the course you will get certificate and license card by AHA.